Make a “Deliberations” Site

Using the C-SPAN Classroom DELIBERATIONS site as a model, students can create their own online wiki using web-based software such as a Google Sites. By researching and selecting points of view that outline both sides of an issue, students learn to weigh opinions from multiple perspectives before making their own informed decisions.


Start by having students determine a “deliberations question” on a current issue.  Next show students how to search the C-SPAN Video Library for programming that supports multiple points of view.  Students then “clip” appropriate sections of the their selected videos. They create a Google Site adding their question, video clips and articles supporting both perspectives of their deliberation question. The project can be finalized with students presenting their “deliberation site” to the class and leading the class deliberation activities.


  1. In teams or individually students choose a “deliberation question”.  Use the questions on this site as examples. Students format their question so it can be supported with “for” or “against” research.
  2. Students research programming videos in the C-SPAN Video Library for background information on the issue. They select one or more clips that explain the background and set in and out points on the clip. Direct students to the tutorials on the right to learn about searching and creating “clips” in the C-SPAN Video Library.
  3. Once students have marked in and out points for a background video, they select “Save Clip”.  The browser will then open to their saved clip and they copy the URL of the clip and save in a document to access later. Students also search for background articles on the Web.
  4. Students research and “clip” videos in the C-SPAN Video Library that  support the “for” and “against” sides of their question.  Once students have marked an in and out point for their “for” and “against” videos and saved the clip they copy and save the URL. (See tutorials on the right and instructions in 2 and 3 above).
  5. Students create a Google Site. A free Google account is available for students over 13 years old. Students layout their deliberations clips and link their research to the Google Site.  Direct students to this guide for creating a Google Site and to this template that can be used to create their deliberations site. If using the template, students will need to convert it to the new Google Site format after creating a title.
  6. Once students have created the site and selected their video clips, they can link or embed the video clip contents and can link the articles they have selected to their Google Site. See guide for creating a Google Site
  7. Students will share the Google Site with the class either as a presentation or as a challenge.  They can use one of the Deliberation activities in this site, such as debate, congressional simulation or taking a stand to lead the class as they participate in a deliberation.