Simulated Congressional Hearing

Simulated Congressional Committee Hearing Directions


  1. Students watch C-SPAN videos, read linked articles, take notes, and clarify both sides of the deliberation question.



  1. Clarify the difference between a committee hearing, in which members of Congress ask questions and listen to testimony from expert witnesses, and a Congressional floor debate, in which the members of Congress debate the issue with each other.



  1. Assign students to various roles to participate in a Congressional Committee Hearing. You may choose to assign students to role-play actual experts and members of Congress who were featured in C-SPAN videos or linked articles, or you may allow students to be themselves.



  1. Watch some committee hearings in the C-SPAN video library so students understand the format.



  1. Hold the hearing. Students should come prepared with written statements if they are acting as expert witnesses, or with questions if they are acting as a members of Congress.



  1. Debrief the activity to assess what students learned.