What should the United States do to address issues along the U.S.-Mexico border?

The United States-Mexico border stretches over 1,900 miles from the Pacific Ocean in California to the Gulf of Mexico in Texas. With President Trump’s proposal for a border wall, trends relating to the migrants coming to the border and new policies affecting these migrants, the question of how to address issues along the United States-Mexico border has been a significant topic of debate around the country. This deliberation examines the differences in how people interpret the issues at the border and has students deliberate possible solutions to these issues.

Background Videos

The History of Barriers on the U.S.-Mexico BorderMary E. Mendoza, Penn State University (4:22)

Examples of Border Fencing– State Representative Russ Jones (R-AZ)  (1:48)

The State of the U.S.-Mexico Border– Former Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Gil Kerlikowske

Immigration Trends and Asylum Policies in the United States– Maria Sacchetti, Washington Post  (5:24)