To What Extent Should the Federal Government Impose Limits on Immigration?

This deliberation explores the range of limitations that might be applied to immigration in the United States, largely in the context of the proposed RAISE and Criminal Alien Gang Member Removal legislation and the various historical iterations of American immigration policy. View the videos in this deliberation for background and historical perspective on immigration policy, as well as a variety of viewpoints from government officials on how to address the issue.

This lesson is intended to be accessible to teachers across the social sciences, as well as other humanities fields and modifiable to fit the best needs of your curriculum; for instance, a history teacher might choose to focus more on historical immigration limits and briefly tie in modern proposals, while a government teacher might take the opposite approach.

NOTE: Given the personal relevance of certain immigration issues like DACA to many students, teachers are encouraged to adapt this lesson and its resources to best fit the needs and sensitivities of their individual students and classrooms.


Background Videos

From a Family-Based to a Merit-Based Immigration System- Dean DeChiaro (4:11)


Background on the Criminal Alien Gang Member Removal Act- Paul Orgel, C-SPAN (4:16)

Background Articles

Immigrants’ impact on the U.S. economy in 7 charts- CBS News MoneyWatch

Trump-backed bill would hinder families’ legal immigration to US- KPCC

Trump Unveils Legislation Limiting Legal Immigration- NPR

Could You Apply for a Visa Under Trump’s Immigration Overhaul?- NBC NY

Analysis: Would the U.S. benefit from a merit-based immigration system?– PBS News Hour

House votes to crack down on undocumented immigrants with gang ties- The Hill