Should Congress enact new Gun Control/Safety Measures?

After the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, many Americans have focused on current gun laws and whether they provide adequate protection against gun violence. President Obama appointed a task force headed by Vice President Joe Biden to come up with recommendations. Considering the task force’s recommendations, President Obama proposed new actions by Congress and through executive order. Other Americans, supported by the NRA, are opposed to new gun control/safety legislation, emphasizing mental health issues and violent entertainment as the key areas for focus to reduce gun violence.

This lesson plan presents a balanced approach to teach about the debate around President Obama’s new gun law proposals. Carefully selected C-SPAN video clips are supplemented with articles representing a variety of points of view. Additional resources for further analysis are provided at bottom of the web page.

Teaching About Gun Control

Background Videos

Stephen Dinan, Washington Times (2:48)

Paul Singer, USA Today (2:55)


Background Resources/Articles

Text of the Second Amendment - National Archives
Gun Laws in the United States - Wikipedia
Basic History of Newtown and Gun Politics in U.S. - BBC
What's In Obama's Gun Control Proposal - NY Times



Summaries of Prior 2nd Amendment Cases

District of Columbia v. Heller (2008)
McDonald v. City of Chicago (2010)