How should the U.S. respond to the Russian annexation of Crimea?

After the Ukranian Revolution, Russian military forces began to take over the Crimean peninsula. Russian supporters then organized a referendum to decide if Ukraine should join the Russian Federation. A majority of Crimeans voted to join Russia but this vote has been dismissed by the international community because of numerous reports of fraud and voter intimidation. Review the basics of Crimea here: Kidspost

Background Video 1: The Vote (3:05)

On March 18th, Russia and Crimea signed a treaty that incorporated Crimea into the Russian Federation. Soon after, the United Nations declared the annexing of Crimea from Ukraine illegal and illegitimate. The United States and its allies are considering actions designed to penalize Russia for its actions.

Background Video 2: Sanctions (3:56)

There have been debates in both the House of Representatives and the Senate on sanctions against Russia and there is wide bipartisan support for action.

Background Video 3: Support in Congress (1:25)

The President has also traveled to Europe where he explained his philosophical opposition to the annexation of Crimea.

Background Video 4: The President (4:09)

Now it’s your turn! Go to the next column and assume the role of one of the President’s advisors and decide what action the U.S. should take.